Laboratory Technician III Pharmacology and Physiology

Rochester, NY


General Purpose (see percentages below)

Responsible for the maintenance, breeding, genotyping and organization of multiple transgenic mouse colonies. Additional responsibilities include completing established laboratory functions including cell culture, molecular, biochemical and cell biological experiments. Will assist with overall functioning of the laboratory including ordering supplies, making stock solutions, equipment maintenance, and training. Experience in cell culture and willingness to work with mice is required. Ability to work in a lab team environment with a diverse group of personnel is essential.

Typical Assignments and Responsibilities (see percentages below)

In accordance with broadly-outlined objectives, requirements and approaches, and with supervision, will conduct technical procedures that are routine and non-routine in nature. Sets up and operates state-of-the-art equipment or instruments. With latitude for modifying methods and techniques, will analyze data, prepare reports, present data at laboratory meetings, and make recommendations. Will be responsible for ordering laboratory supplies and interacting with vendors. Will organize and manage mouse colonies. Will work with computers, scientific software, Excel, Word, etc.


Specific Responsibilities:

25% Breeding of mouse colonies. Maintenance and breeding of multiple lines of transgenic mice. Responsibilities include generation of ear punches and tail snips, maintaining breeding records and setting up weekly breeding schedules.

25% Mouse genotyping. Responsibilities include PCR analysis of genomic DNA obtained from ear punches and tail snips, as well as detailed record-keeping of mouse genotypes in laboratory database.

10% Preparation/maintenance of cell cultures. Generate and maintain cell cultures (e.g. primary skeletal muscle, human airway epithelial cells, HEK293 cells, etc.). Prepare culture media and solutions, feed cells regularly, propagate and freeze cells for later use.

20% Molecular, biochemical and cell biological experiments. Following training, will perform standard molecular biological experiments including cDNA purification, cloning, PCR amplification, restriction analysis, etc. Perform tissue sectioning, immunofluorescence and other cell biological experiments. Perform experiments involving protein purification from animal tissue and cultured cells, E. coli protein expression, Western blot analysis and biochemical assays. Optimize assays.

10% General laboratory maintenance. Order supplies and work closely with departmental administrative office staff on purchasing and account issues. Prepare common reagents, train other laboratory workers, under graduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in relevant laboratory techniques and equipment use. Provide support and technical assistance on experimental problems that may arise during the course of their experiments. Maintain functionality of lab equipment, as well as the overall organization of the lab, and comply with all institutional laboratory safety procedures. Maintain careful laboratory notebooks, analyze data on PCs, and design new protocols.

5 % Research Analysis, Presentation, Searches. Prepare literature searches as needed. Analyze and present findings to PI and/or in laboratory meetings.

5% Other job duties as assigned.

Non-essential tasks :

Not Applicable

Position Requirements

  • Associate's degree in appropriate discipline plus 2-3 years specialized experience in related field; B.A. or B.S. degree in Biology, Chemistry or other appropriate discipline strongly preferred; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Some experience in cell culture and willingness and ability to work with mice is required.

  • Strong computer skills, including experience with scientific software, Excel, Word, etc.

  • Ability to work in a lab team environment with a diverse group of personnel is essential.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision once trained and to listen to, convey, and exchange information with other laboratory personnel.

  • Requires ability to perform experiments with precision and the ability to perform mathematical calculations using algebra and practically apply percentages, fractions, and ratios.

  • Ability to communicate effectively (including written communication); follow instructions; and record information accurately.

  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and strong attention to detail.

  • This position may entail prolonged periods of standing and walking and requires the safe use of toxic chemicals.

  • License/Certification Required: Institutional certification for laboratory personnel (e.g., laboratory safety training, vivarium, etc.)


Daily interactions with Principal Investigator as well as other administrative and laboratory staff.

Pay Range

Pay Range: $19.96 - $27.94 Hourly

The referenced pay range represents the minimum and maximum compensation for this job. Individual annual salaries/hourly rates will be set within the job’s compensation range, and will be determined by considering factors including, but not limited to, market data, education, experience, qualifications, expertise of the individual, and internal equity considerations.

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